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Our forklift sales & services include selling and renting new and used forklifts and providing their repairs and maintenances at our or on client’s site at reasonable prices. Also, you will find fresh stock of forklift parts available for all brands at our dealership. Choose any from the service, and you will see how quickly you will have it saving a great deal of time and money at Lanz Mechanical. We understand the essence of our forklift business and offer a quality that nobody comes close to in the Surrey, Alberta, and Richmond regions. For sale or repair of forklift, contact us today.

Lanz Mechanical is not just a name. Instead, it is the nirvana of forklifts backed by a team of the sharp-minded and humble sales force, technicians, and customer support working with dedication from a long time meeting the needs of commercial and industrial sectors.

Every business needs a source to boosts its output. And Lanz Mechanical is the one, always in motion. Be it forklift sale, rental agreements, repairs, or parts availability, we got a rapport for all. Under the new and old forklift models, you will find plenty of brands of electric and IC types. We have Pallet jacks too. Check out our sales page and see our offerings. We assure you that you will be proud.

For the forklift maintenance and repairs section, we have periodical plans for our clients. That may include emergency services and touch-ups. Contact us today to find out more about our forklift repair and maintenance pricing.

Lanz Mechanical works on the notions that others cannot follow. Our intelligence is unmatched, say our clients. There are many things that cannot be expressed but felt. If you want to experience it, get in touch with our customer representative. You will learn about our greatness.