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Here at Lanz Mechanical we have a broad range of forklift rentals available. Our rental fleet comprises of such a wide variety of forklifts that whatever your lifting requirements may be, we are confident that we will be able to find a machine that suits your needs. From compact 3-wheel electric forklifts to large 30,000 lb capacity units for rent, we are here to help. We have the most competitive pricing and our forklift lease terms are available for daily (minimum 3-days), weekly, monthly and yearly durations. Contact us today to learn all about the rental services we provide.

Lanz Mechanical offers the Best Material Handling Equipment on Rent

Forklifts are tremendous equipment that does not let the businesses to pause or slow down their lifting operations. By investing in forklifts, the cost and burden of removing heavy objects from big storage depots or warehouses, moving heavy items in a construction site, or any place or any shelf with sizeable goods gets reduced. The power and ability of forklifts are unmatchable. Have the best material handling equipment on rent from Forklift Rental Company – Lanz Mechanical. We rent IC (internal combustion), diesel, LPG, propane-powered and electric forklifts. You will find the most affordable forklift rental services via our location in Surrey. Many of our new and old rented forklifts are at work or getting delivered on the client’s site. For your forklift requirements, we will tailor-make the forklift rental contract to make you happy. So what’s the wait? Contact Lanz Mechanical. We have a reconditioning shop where we fine-tune our rental lift trucks like-new.

Types of Forklifts

Diesel Forklift

Diesel forklifts have a considerable market share. They provide excellent value for money by lifting materials of small and big quantities. At Lanz Mechanical, you’ll find a large fleet of the latest and conventional diesel forklifts rental service available on rent. Just go through our diesel models on display and find the perfect machine for your loading and unloading work. We rent top forklift brands.

Electric Forklift

The electric forklifts lead the market share due to its environment-friendly operation. They release zero-emission, so there is no need for ventilation in the working area. They work on a battery that gets recharge fast and has recyclable lead. There maintenance and repair are not high. Also, they make less noise and vibrate low when in use.

LPG/Propane Forklift

LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) or propane forklift uses the fuel source that is used for cooking food, heat homes and water, dry clothes, etc. In forklifts, this gas is stored in a compressed liquid form that is vaporized into gas after being released from a pressurized container. The gas is considered eco-friendly as it emits less greenhouse gas, having less carbon content and is non-toxic to the atmosphere. The maintenance of LPG/propane forklift is low. They work well on steep inclines due to their power. When they run out of gas, then one just needs to change the cylinders.
Only a reputed forklift rental company like Lanz Mechanical can offer the best product worth your time and investment. So, hire or rent our forklifts and equipment without worrying.